Mission: To be actively involved in impacting the world by seeking positive change in the way the institutions of education, sports, media, sports, entertainment and government influence our culture.

Jess recently launched the National Disability IDTM Initiative for the Invisible Disabilities® Association. NDID is legislation that approves a designated symbol on government IDs that allows for voluntary disclosure for people living with disabilities. Alaska is the first state to have passed the legislation. The NDID has proved most valuable in law enforcement and first responder interactions. http://nationaldisability.id.

Jess has been shooting and directing media all over the world as he started his first creative services ad agency while still in college at Temple University in Philadelphia. With 8 Emmy Awards, Jess’ credits include producing/directing programming around major sporting events such as the NFL Super Bowl, The Olympics, Grand Prix/NASCAR Racing, World Cup Skiing, and many more.  His clients include international corporations and broadcast networks like ESPN, PBS, MTV, A&E, Bell Atlantic and ARAMark just to name a few.

Jess came to faith through an experience after being “taken” by the KGB while shooting a documentary in communist Russia in 1989.  “What does God have to do to get your attention?” asks Jess passionately.  “The experience literally changed my life!”  Jess leads a wide variety of film and media efforts telling encouraging, positive stories in a creative, purposeful way allowing for parable style stories that change people’s lives.

In 2006, Jess formed the non-profit 1615.tv bringing his skills as a “Change Agent” along with his entrepreneurial expertise in growing and shaping non-profits through digital media, social outreach, marketing and visual storytelling.  Jess launched the Faith and Family Sports Programming Network (fspn.net) in 2014 producing a wide variety of inspirational content through talking with professional athletes about their faith for secular broadcast networks and faith-based outlets all over the world and online.  Jess is known for his Faith, Family and Football annual Super Bowl programming with Tony Dungy and the associated Faith, Family and Football Challenge reading plans with YouVersion through The Bible App. Jess also serves as the National Broadcasting/Sports Media Director and a professional sports chaplain with Athletes in Action, a ministry of CRU.      

Jess launched the creative and business efforts as the Executive Producer for Seven Days in Utopia, the inspirational major motion picture featuring Academy Award winners Robert Duvall and Melissa Leo, which raised $18M in private equity for the completion and distribution of the project.  The movie was Movieguide®’s “Teddy” Award winner for 10 Best Mature Audience Movies and the 2012 Templeton Foundation Epiphany Award Nominee for Most Inspirational Movie of the Year.  For the movie Heaven is for Real, Jess created the DVD Conversation Kit and Small Group curriculum.  Jess is sought out regularly for his “out of the box” thinking as well as expertise in developing movie/media projects from the ground up. 

Beginning in August 2012, Mr. Stainbrook served on executive loan for one year with Scripture Union USA in Valley Forge, PA as Executive Vice President, specifically bringing his skills to lead a complete re-organization and re-branding, using his entrepreneurial expertise to grow and shape worldwide stakeholder engagement through digital media, social outreach, marketing and visual storytelling. In 2013, Jess served as one of the exclusive advisors on The Bible program series and Son of God movie by Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice, Shark Tank) and Roma Downey (Touched By An Angel) leading international marketing efforts.

As licensed educators, Jess and his wife co-created and authored the faith-based Babyfaith® series of children’s DVDs and books, reaching babies and families throughout the world with “baby-sized” bible stories. Babyfaith® is distributed by Sony Wonder and Harper Collins Publishing.  Jess also mobilized partnerships with Sassy Toys and Russ Berrie for exclusive plush toys based on the Babyfaith® Series.

Let’s get down to business!


Jess has been addressing the elephants int eh room for his entire career, leading essential and creative initiatives serving government, education and missional non-profit agencies with business growth strategies, digital engagement, innovative marketing, communications and brand development. Combining social/digital media solutions with EQ for maximum cross-generational outreach and devoted customer experiences. 

Jess is passionate about fostering collaboration and innovation, engaging through media and outreach, building strong teams and influencing culture with positive and inspirational storytelling that move people know our Creator and be involved in His inspiring works!


Strengths Finder: 1) Strategic   2) Ideation   3) Command   4) Activator   5) Belief

Myers Briggs: INTJ – The Mastermind (2% of population):
✔ Innovative “Out-of-the-box” Change Leadership 
✔ Hands-on Intellectual Designer for Strategic Growth 
✔ Self-confident with Team-igniting Servant Heart
✔ Overcoming Obstacles with Creativity, Logic and Data

Learnability Quotient (LQ): 
✔ Scholar engaging with applicable knowledge. 
✔ Free Spirit leading original and groundbreaking initiatives.
✔ Thrill Seeker guiding tribes into new territories. 


50% Conceptual = Imaginative Visionary always bringing the best ideas to the table.

39% Analytical = Clear, logical thinker acting on data for successful creative solutions.

8% Social = Empathetic and Intuitive

3% Structural = Practical, Hands-on


Don’t just take my word…

  • Serving up food creativity!

    I hired Jess Stainbrook for his creativity and his innate capacity to develop and produce award-winning videos. I kept hiring Jess because of his ability to work with and get the best performance from everyone from executives to dishwashers. Working and traveling together, I also developed a strong appreciation for his ethics, his business acumen and his drive to, "do it right" even if it meant another take or just one more shot. Over my 15 years in the television business I hired a lot of people. None of them came close to his performance and professionalism. You will not find a better Producer, Director, Videographer, Script Writer or friend than Jess Stainbrook.

    Pat Muccigrosso
    Corporate PR/Marketing Director, ARAMark
  • Herding cats, a.k.a., leading creative teams!

    As General Manager of DC8 Jess Stainbrook lead by example but with a "hand's off" approach. He hired talented people, wound them up and let them create. Jess didn't micro manage. He kept his focus on opportunity instead of putting out fires. With his guidance, there weren't many fires to put out, except maybe where to put all of the awards we were winning.

    Steve Capstick
    Integrated DP/Director, Crispin Porter and Bogusky Ad Agency
  • Mentoring the next generation of creative professionals.

    There's something I've been meaning to tell you for quite a while......THANK YOU!  I will always be grateful for all you've done to get CCU's Media Program off the ground.  It was just a glimmer in our eyes three years ago when you started from scratch to build a program that would be great for students and the university. If you ever get to share this letter with a prospective client, please do so. Better yet, have them give me a call and I will give you a ringing endorsement!

    William L. Armstrong
    President, Colorado Christian University
  • Serving Entrepreneurs.

    Being in business development for over sixteen years, there have only been a select few that I have had the pleasure of working with that meet to the caliber of Jess. If you are looking to hire him, do it. You will be amazed, impressed, inspired and blessed to know that you have worked with him and his team. He is simply the best and has the utmost of character. Go on and be inspired. His creativity will astound you.

    Michael Vaughn
    Technology Strategist and Entrepreneur
  • Doing our best for the hardest workers we know - Moms!

    We enjoy working with you and appreciate both the art and craft that you bring to our projects. Thanks for all you've brought to help women be the best moms they can be.

    Beth Lagerbord
    Director of Media, MOPS International
  • You have gone above and beyond, offering your time and expertise to film, produce and present some of the most professional and exceptional programs, PSA's and training videos dedicated to showcasing the professional efforts and objectives of the men and women of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.  Jess, your work is widely recognized and respected by law enforcement agencies across Colorado. Your leadership, efforts and vision to assist the Sheriff's Office through your work has been excellent and remains unparalleled in significance to the Douglas County community and myself.

    Michael Agree
    Sheriff, Douglas County, CO
  • Supporting and refreshing our creative friends!

    Jess Stainbrook has an unmatched level of integrity and I'm proud to call him a friend. From initial client discussions through project completion, his leadership and creativity were first-rate. He is able to brainstorm the big idea as well as provide honest recommendations for the best solutions. Jess is personable, confident and would add immediate value to any project – he knows what it takes to get the job done. I highly recommend Jess for any broadcast media project.

    Scott Bain
    Creative Director
  • Public Broadcasting - Adding to the mix!

    Jess Stainbrook is one of the most creative talents I have had the opportunity to work with. His insight and approaches to difficult communications problems are novel and you can tell creativity are always central to his solutions. He always gives you want you ask for and more. He always goes out of his way in ensure the project is successful. I'm in the Philadelphia area and presently Executive Producer at NJN (PBS). I wish he still lived here because I could sure use him! 

    Fred Litwinowicz
    Executive Producer/Manager, The Production Center at NJN
  • Offering a hand up!

    Not only is Jess a master technician when it comes to the world of media, he is also a powerful story teller. Jess efficiently and effectively captured the pulse and passion of our faith initiative with Denver's Road Home and the mayor. The video Jess orchestrated is our single most powerful tool in bringing new partners to the vision of Family & Senior Homeless Initiative.  

    Brad Hopkins
    Director - FSHI, Denver Rescue Mission
  • Governments use creative solutions too!

    Jess Stainbrook can be counted on to create something wonderful without much support. Jess is competent, trustworthy and dependable. He made a tremendous positive difference for our organization.  His stewardship of our local fledgling television station was recognized when he and the station received the prestigious Station Excellence Emmy Award. It was his ability to see what needed to be done, get it done and get it done in the right way that set us apart.

    Doug Debord
    County Manager - Douglas County, CO
  • Cherry Hills Community Church has had a close working relationship with Jess Stainbrook since 1996.  When the church decided that a video department was needed in order to more effectively reach our community, Jess was instrumental in both helping us build a video ministry as well as in the production of dozens of church and missions related programs and leading volunteers.  Over the years, Jess has continued to partner with CHCC in producing a wide variety of video programs. These include sermon illustrations, public service announcements and promos, documentaries, special effect video programming for large concerts and programs, fund-raising videos, and video "life stories."  Jess has partnered with CHCC in producing Christian video programming with the purpose of gaining a voice in secular media markets.   Jess brings a professionalism and expertise to his work that enables us to effectively connect with our media-savvy culture.  We are thankful for the many opportunities that we have had to work with Jess and look forward to a continued partnership in the years to come.

    Dr. Jim Dixon
    Senior Pastor, Cherry Hills Community Church

“Oh, the places we will go . . . “

  • 2018-03-07 18.04.04
    Connecting science and faith with Dr. Katsushi Arisaka after he recently discovered the “God particle” through his work at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider located in a 27-kilometer tunnel beneath the Swiss-French border.
  • 2017-12-10 10.23.50
    On the slopes interviewing 2018 “Big Air” Winter Olympic Skiers and Snowboarders at the Toyota Grand Prix in Copper Mountain, Colorado with iGen host Ellie S.
  • sergio italy
    Keynote speaker at the Sabaoth International Film Festival in Milan, Italy with “Audience Choice” Award winning Director Sergio Mascheroni.
  • bible series
    Serving as an Exclusive Advisor on The Bible Series with Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice, Shark Tank) and Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel).
  • Heaven
    Directing the inspirational Heaven is for Real DVD Small group conversation kit with Burpo family and host Natalie Tysdal.
  • _RET2244
    Serving the directors of Musana Children’s Home gathering footage with their team for raising awareness and funding their work for helping and educating children in Iganga, Uganda.
  • 2017-10-22 15.57.26
    Life changing summer of 1989, shooting documentary in communist Russia before my fateful “visit” with the KGB!
  • dungy su
    Working with Super Bowl winning coach and sports commentator Tony Dungy.
  • 180121_490852156708_6149551_n
    Navigating the media crowd during annual Super Bowl coverage, talking with athletes about faith, family and football.